International food festival

Nursing students collaborated with the Center of International Affairs at Walailak University to organize an International Food Festival. Students from various countries, such as China, Turkey, South Africa, and Singapore, participated in showcasing their national cuisines. Nursing students presented dishes like green curry, stirfried noodles, and various desserts, allowing attendees to taste a diverse array of flavors.

In addition to the culinary delights, there were booths where international students could engage in traditional Thai games such as Itak” ( Scoop the coffee beans into the glass.), checkers, and Mak Gep” (collecting marbles). Nursing students set up booths to provide an opportunity for international students to try on traditional Thai costumes, take photos, and participate in activities to win prizes.

The event fostered collaboration between Thai and international students, showcasing their talents and creating a sense of unity. The students demonstrated a strong volunteer spirit in organizing the event, displaying leadership qualities that made the activity enjoyable and impressive.