This conference serves as a platform for nursing scholars, practitioners, and researchers to engage in discussions surrounding mental health and ethical considerations within the healthcare professional. We welcome your active participation, whether as an attendee or as a presenter showcasing your research.


We encourage you to join us in this collaborative effort to explore and discuss critical aspects of mental health and ethics in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare. Your participation will contribute to the overall success of WRC2024.


For registration:

For registration and further information, please visit:

Nursing conference: Topic “Mental Health and Ethics Concerned for Healthcare Providers in New Era” Link Click

Call for Presentations:

If you have valuable research findings or insights to share, we invite you to submit your presentation for consideration. The deadline for submission and more details can be found on this link below:

For submission abstract: Please visit Link : Click

Continuing Nursing Education Units (CNEU):

As an added benefit, Thai register nurses participants in this conference will have the opportunity to earn Continuing Nursing Education Units (CNEU) accredited by Thai Nursing Council. This accreditation highlights the educational value and relevance of the conference content.

international conferrence
international conference