Curriculum English Master of Nursing Science Program in Community Nurse Practitioner Degree English Full name Master of Nursing Science (Community Nurse Practitioner) Abbreviation M.N.S.(Community Nurse Practitioner) Philosophy /Objective The school of nursing has believed that the medthods in master of nursing program can be developed the nursing students to be potential in community nurse practitioner and they can be the leaders who can co-operate with health organizations and cummunities by self-studying, doing researches with creative empirical knowledgment,evidence-base practical, doing by actings and advance cummunity nursing pratitioner in order to completely health care continuously whicht is led healthy people, family and communities. The students become great master of nursing practitioner which is according to the university resolution and perfect quality of standard in the level of master which is ” being an expert” which be able to know deeply what they do and able to create or making great development. They will be students who have virture,moral and being happy thoughout the course. Master of Nursing Science in Community is truly important to teach the nurses become potential in Nursing pratitioner and being leader in communication with related organization and community which also bring healthy community. qualification of the students – Be able to develop and management people skill with family, group of people and cummunity in healthy care, disease protection, nursing and restore health. – Nursing with direct care with the emergency cases found, Chronic patients, Disabled people,Patients with end-stage and others who have complexed health problems. – Collaboration with related organizations including government, private associations and people with studying and anylizing them. – Analizing prolems,planing and designing of health behavior with estimation in the community. – Being health consultant for people , family and community who have health problems. – Be leader of changing agent in creative ways from approprecate analyzing in order to having potentail health development. – Giving proper ethical reasoning and ethical decision making with analyzation and evidence-based pratice in order to continously develope nursing pratitioner. – Being Optimatic, good behavior with colleagues. – Taking a responsibility of themselves and society. – Appropricate Healthy management , outcome management and evaluation Occupational guidelines The occupation can be taken after gradute the course. – A nurse for cummunity pratitioner at the health government or private departments. – A teacher in the school in the major of nursing subject. – An Exacutive in nursing for the nursery and secondary healthy care. – A freelancer in nursing. Study guidelines – Be able to study in doctoral degree and they also can be promoted to be Advanced Nurse Practitioner Course fee – Per semeter 15,000 Baht. -One year course. 90,000 Baht Course structure Taking course not less than 47 credits 28 credits 1. Required subject 1 main subjects 12 credits 2 specific subjects 16 credits 4 credits 2. Elective Course 15 credits 3. Thesis