English Master of Nursing Science in Adult and Gerontological Nursing

Degree English Full name Master of Nursing Science (Adult and Gerontological Nursing) Abbreviation M.N.S. (Adult and Gerontological Nursing)

Philosophy /Objective The Master of Nursing Science in Adult and Gerontological Nursing is believed that nursing is the power that can change people’s health in the future. Nursing is the science of development of health, illness, culture and environment technology of human’s health. The master education management and master of nursing science are procecures of nurses to educate and being expert in nursing. The students are not only expert in nursing but also in being leader, instructor for nursing in order to developing health care with virture and ethics.

Qualification of the students
– Being good example in ethics and virture by consider any issues or law discussing by the name of justice.
– Accepting with elemantary human right,health professions act, virture,religion and culture in any types such as nursing, doing reseaches and education.
– Knowlegment of nursing science, reseaching procecure and statistic.
– To become the leader for nursing and the theories thought which related to adult and gerontological nursing who have acute disease or critical.
– Quality management and result for health and nursing.
– Innovation in nursing science with ethics, law profession, human science, doing research and edvidence-base pratical in order to develop quality and result of nursing for adults and gerontologicals who have suffered from choronic diseases, acute disease and critical.
– Expert themselves skill and continuously enthusiastic in studying, accomulation, analyzing,synthesis and educational presentation both as a nurse and an academic nurse.
– Leading skill of being prefessinal nurses in order to making changes in nursing, reseaching,academic, power of doing researches and academic distribution in the stadard of nursing students.

Occupational guidelines
– Nurses have in particular knowlegement for adult and gerontological nursing who have acute disease, chronic disease and other in elderly.
– Developing quality and result of nursing in particular patients who have suffered from stroke, respiratory disease and heart and vassular disease etc.

Study guidelines
– Able to do certication in advance nursing or either doing master degree or doctoral degree.

Course fee
– Per semeter 15,000 Baht
– Full course 90,000 Baht

Course structure
– Taking course not less than 47 credits

1 Required subjects 28 credits
1. main subject 12 credits
2. specific subject 16 credits
2. Elective Subjects 4 credits
3. Thesis 15 credits