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Message from the Dean

The School of Nursing, Walailak University has the Nursing and Midwifery course and five years guaranteed by the nursing council; representing the relevance and potential of the School of Nursing and student experiences at the university. Our home institute has a concept for the acquisition of nursing knowledge and administration, with a key focus on the active learning process. We provide students with the tools to think independently, analyse systematically and develop skills to apply their learning effectively. Students have the capacity to improve their level of understanding to an advanced level; nursing personnel will have the practical knowledge gained from empirical evidence and technology accrued throughout their studies. Our course emphasises the importance of life-long learning and development, gaining their knowledge both from the profession and society. Students are encouraged to be independent learners during their career and be ethical and supportive members of the community. According to the Walailak University the outcome should produce “Good and Smart People”.