Curriculums English Bachelor of Nursing Science Program

Degree English Full name Bachelor of Nursing Science Aabbreviation B.N.S. Philosophy /Objective The school of Nursing Walailak University has strongly believed that nursing is a kind of subject that need to use both with knowledgement and art together to complete health in every during of ages and in any kinds of cases for people, their families and comunities. The students are able to develop and improve their knowledgement in an appropreciate technology in base of virture, moral and sufficient economy philosophy in order to people will have better health and lives even if they have different cultures or societies. We have aims to produce quality bachelor nurses who have expert knowlegements in nursing, midwives or ralated in cluding development and innovation using research resources They also have skills in nursing and completely midwifery for every age,every health conditions and aslo in any kinds of places like health care or communities. They are able to be part of the cummunity to support in health, disease protections, First aids, treatment therapy and health condition restoration which is base on the viture and moral of being nurse. The students can approprecate in analyzing graph, statistic,researches and epidemiology with virture and morality. They will respect the right of man and accept the different ideas, beliefs and culture. They will be considered to be leaders, taking responsibilities, being friendly, team-working skill. They can communicate well and using proper technology.

qualification of the students
– Knowledgement in nursing and ralated.
– Be able to develop in nursing
– Taking responsibilities.
– Continuously being anthusiastic to learn news things.
– Approprecate analyzing base on virture and moral.
– Love and have a faith in nursing.
– Able to using evidence-base pratice with proper technology which leads them to ergodic of bachelor nurse of the Walailak University which are “WU Nurse”, W-Wisdom, U-Unity , N-Neatness, U-Uniqueness, R- Responsibility, R- Sufficiency and E-Ethics

Occupational guidelines
– The students who graduate in nursing not only can be able to work at a hospital or health care for government or praivate deparments but also at schools which is related to nursing. They can be freelancer in nursing or midwifery with certification.

Study guidelines
-Students can study in master and doctoral degree in nursing in Thailand or aboard.

Course fee
– Per semeter 26,900 Baht,
– Full course ( 4 years) 322,800 Baht.,

Course structure There are 185 credits in total ( 4 years)
1. General subjects 20 credits
1. Languages and communiactaion 12 credits
2. Social science 4 credits
3. Health education 4 credits
4. Science and Mathermatics 4 credits

2. Specific subjects 137 credits
1. Professional basic and nursing lecture 92 credits
2. Practical subjects 45 credits
3. Elective subjects 8 credits