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Research Synthesis Activity

On 13-14 August 2021, our fourth-year nursing student presented a research synthesis from research papers in the area of community nursing. These research papers involved family and community nursing, Occupational health and safety, Environmental health, School health and Palliative care.  Nursing student synthesize information from 240 research paper which categorized in 10 themes as follows:

  1. A model of development of potential caregivers and stroke patients with dependency at home
  2. The development of Occupational Health Nursing ( 2 issue)
  3. The proper management of solid waste to prevent dengue fever
  4. The Development of School Health Nursing (2 issues)
  5. The Waste Management and Household Environment
  6. The Nursing care of bedridden patients and terminally ill patients at home (2 issues)
  7. Caring for patients at home, bedridden

In this presentation activity. Student were able to   the exchange their new knowledge with their classmate and lecturers in the online classroom. This activity also create a student-centered teaching and learning environment in the classroom. This presentation also encourage student to use their analytical, synthesis, and questioning skills and led student  learning from research to practical in real situation


Research Synthesis Activity
Research Synthesis Activity
Research Synthesis Activity
Research Synthesis Activity

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